Best Poker Movies Besides Rounders

Assuming you ask the normal poker player to name the best poker film ever, multiple times out of 10 you will hear Rounders.

Rounders is evidently one of the best poker films in history … yet, it’s by all accounts not the only incredible poker film.

Below are the Top There Poker Movies besides the Brian Koppleman/David Levien classic.

Hitting the Nuts

Be cautioned: Hitting the Nuts isn’t your run of the mill film about poker. It’s a mockumentary-style investigation of poker at its generally essential level.

From the start you’ll understand this won’t be a game including a lot of professionals or want to be geniuses yet rather a mishmash of players that seem as though they were relocated from your neighborhood home game.

This film makes fun of our game and each of its quirks at the beginner level – – including how the “crazy cat lady” who doesn’t realize anything about the game figures out how to win excessively.

The film is totally free with an obscure cast who figure out how to pull off one of the most clever poker comedies in presence.

The Cincinnati Kid

Dissimilar to current poker the essential game is Five Card Stud. In this film there are a few powers at work attempting to demolish the bankroll of “The Man” however The Kid needs to attempt to dominate the match sincerely.

The major event, as you’d, boils down to a heads-up confrontation between The Kid and The Man. A duping scandal is found by THe Kid and while the cheating really helps him, he adjusts the scales to demonstrate he can win reasonably.

The last hand is one of the most dramatic you’ll find in any poker film albeit profoundly implausible for those that know Five Card Stud chances.

All things considered however The Cincinnati Kid is a poker movie with a strong storyline that shows a few hard examples of the game and life.

The Grand

Another mockumentary makes this rundown however dissimilar to Hitting the Nuts this film flaunts a top pick cast and spotlights on the world class degree of poker.

Woody Harrelson is the film’s star and fills the role of Jack Faro, a club proprietor and poker player with different indecencies that have almost left him bankrupt.

The main way that he can save his gambling club is to win $10 million. The champ brings home all the glory competition called “The Grand.”

A few poker players make appearances including Phil Gordon, Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Laak, Phil Hellmuth and Antonio Esfandiari. Another appearance in the film is poker player Richard Brodie. Probably the best joke in the film happens after a hand among him and Harold Melvin.

One obscure bit of trivia about this film is that no contents were utilized during the performance. Characters were given a blueprint and needed to ad lib lines as they came. Likewise, the last table was really played out live and numerous endings were filmed early to represent various victors.

This inconceivably created film investigates our #1 game at the tip top level and is an absolute necessity watch for each poker fan.


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