Insanity Craft is made for your heart to rush with insanity


If you want to know what Minecraft is, you can take all the details about Minecraft games. Holding the opinion, we can say that Minecraft is a video-based game. It is a 3D video-based game enjoyed by popularity.

Minecraft parkour servers are amazing servers that are made for Minecraft. In it, the players have to move around as fast as possible to win the game. The players have to jump, run, and perform many acrobatic activities. They have to move from one place to another as fast as they can.


Insanity craft is the best server among all of the Minecraft parkour servers. If you are interested in playing games that are action friendly and have many game modes. Then, the insanity craft is just for you.

There are many game modes in Minecraft parkour servers from which you can choose and play. In insanity craft, you can have many more such as survival of faction mode. Insanity craft is a fun game. You have an inventory to yourself from which you can choose your resources and try to win the game. Among the best Minecraft Parkour servers, insanity craft is ranked as 48.


  • Creative mode

This is the simplest game more available in Minecraft parkour servers. Here you can create anything that you imagine, get yourself clothes, and do whatever you want to.

  • Survival mode

In survival game mod, the players have to survive the wild anus and try to defeat the other players to win the game.

  • Vanilla mode

This is a classic game mode that is closer to Minecraft. Here, the players can do whatever they want and create whatever they are delighted to.

  • Skylock mode

This is a fun game mode in which the players start with minimal resources and build upon those resources to win the game.

  • Faction mode

This is the best game mode in Minecraft servers because it lets you team up with your friends and other players in the game. You have to defeat the other players to win the game.

  • PvP

While playing this game zone, players have to choose their kit before entering the arena. They have to fight off each other and let the battle begin.

  • PvE

It is different from PVP because you do not have to fight the other players, but you have to find the environment to win.


The IP server for insanity craft is


  1. To play insanity craft, all you have to do is open Minecraft and click the play button, leading you to the option of multiplayer.
  2. Select the option of multiplayer and then select the option of additional server. There you can add the server of insanity craft and wait until it turns green.
  3. When a green button shows up, it is ready to play, and you can just draw the server and enjoy your game. Minecraft parkour servers are the best to play.


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