Sticky buns weed strain

I was told once that the best things in life are free. I’m sure this guy is talking about sticky buns weed strain. Sticky buns weed strain is absolutely my favorite edibles on the planet.

Section: aka Glue Buns

Ah, the classic combo of dough, cinnamon, and brown sugar: sticky buns – a pastry, commonly found at Christmas. Sticky buns may also come in delicious weed strain form. Some people are very skilled in finding the most flavorful sticky bud marijuana to bring home, and are happy with how sticky buns from the store fill their hungry gaps. Others like these buns but were hoping for something different. If you want the cinnamon roll taste to be powerful, try out one of these great sticky buns weed strains.

Section: AKA Sticky Glue

AKA Sticky Glue is a medium-sized plant that starts the flowering process in approximately half the time of other weed strains. A moderate to high yielder, this strain produces dense and bulky buds that retain most of their weight despite being almost completely devoid of leaves.

Section: Indica dominant hybrid

Fruity flavor, earthy aroma and a relaxing high that hits the body hard. Relaxes the muscles like an indica while maintaining your mental focus with a strong kick. Wear warm clothes on rainy days, as this strain can make you emo when you’re cold. Satisfyingly mellow, enjoy vaping Sticky Buns as it helps with appetite and nausea.

Section: aroma and taste is of earthy pine and sour lemon

Sticky Buns is a hybrid strain, it has an aroma of earthy pine and sour lemon and has a taste of sweet lemongrass. It’s THC level ranges between 17 – 20%. This bud has small dark purple leaves and green trim. The sticky buds are large in size and dense, covered with amber hairs and small orange pistils. The buds fill the nasal passages with that sweet citrus smell.

Section: sweet but will still leave an aftertaste of citrus in your mouth

Sticky buns weed strain is one of our most popular and well-respected marijuana strains. This spectacular cannabis comes from the crossbreeding of an elite Chem Dog mother with the sticky goodness of Blue Mountain’s Platinum Bubba Kush. These truly amazing ladies were at the forefront of some serious advancement in the cannabis industry, and their lineage shows in this super-potent strain’s ability to lower stress, relieve depression and elevate moods with ease.

Section: THC content between 20% and 23%

Today, Colorado and Washington legalized weed, allowing citizens in those states to smoke freely. In celebration of the new laws, I decided to sample some weed from my stash that caught my eye. After doing extensive research (read: reading the label and smoking a joint), I can corroborate that the THC content ranges from 20% and 23%.  This means legislation officials found this strain to have an enjoyable high with reduced anxiety or paranoia side effects for novices.

Takeaway: Sticky Buns is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Gorilla Glue #4 X Chemdawg.

Hi there, I’m your host HighAnthony! In this guide we’re going to talk about a delicious strain called Sticky Buns. This weed strain is seriously awesome and if you haven’t heard of it yet, get ready for some night time relaxation. This indica dominant hybrid was created through crossing the infamous Gorilla Glue

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